12a Productions Podcast #20


The Replacement Host Part 2. Jeff goes AWOL.

Jeff makes a last minute international trip. Leaving Steve to fend for himself. Luckily Sammy the Sound Guy jumps in to save the day.
And boy does it get interesting.

Ever watch something on Amazon Prime Streaming? Take a listen to our take on it as we compare it to Netflix and
Redbox Streaming.

Learn things you didn’t know about foley artists-or if you don’t even know what a foley artist is now is the time to find out about this
unsung hero of movie sound effects!

Steve brings in a bearded way to get to 2nd Base for a $1. Laughter is the best medicine right?

Add a couple of impromtu movie reviews, the threat of scorpions and a severe dust storm warning and you get yourself episode #20.

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