12a Productions #41


This weeks episode starts off talking about Jeff’s new dog, kids, bananas and diapers. But don’t worry everything from there on out is streaming movies and TV shows!
Karly, Jeff and Steve watched a lot of TV and movies through Netflix, Hulu and Redbox. The list is so big there is something for everyone.
Karly has some taglines suggestions for the tv show Fargo.
12aSteve get’s emotional and excited over his 2nd Base for $1 movie that to everyone’s surprise has Tobey Maguire in it.
Jeff talks Cancelled TV Shows and what we will miss.
After Obsession the score is 3 to 1 with Cumberbatch beating out Lawrence.
Film History the Top 10 movies from a critic point of view. Including two which need some explanation.
And during Speed Round Jeff throws us a curve. Which turns into a hilarious mad libs.

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