12a Productions #45


This week 12a Productions brings you an all romance episode!

Jeff, Steve and Karly share their usual streaming choices from Hulu, Netflix and this week YouTube.

12aWe have a Top 10 Most Romantic Movies. A Top 5 Best Romantic Characters. A Top 3 Romantic Movies Where The Couple Doesn’t End Up Together. AND A Very Special Top 1 List.

Steve reviews a 2nd Base for $1 movie that will not get you to 2nd base. But it could make you jump ship and break up with your girlfriend.

Obsession is back with some all new obsessions – and a tie ???

Jeff brings some romantic Film History.

Karly Speed Rounds all three boys – leading to some things you may not have wanted to know about them.

Sammy still hates on Frozen.

And Jeff has a whole new game he brings to the table. Karly says she beat Steve by 2 points.

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