12a Productions #47


Karly is gone this week. Steve and Jeff pull it together to entertain just the same.

12aOur resident sound guy Sammy talks about a documentary he’s watched multiple times this past week, “A Band Called Death”. Jeff streams a handful of movies on his way to Hawaii. And Steve continues on with his TV viewing.

Have we mentioned our show is recorded live? Sammy reminds us with a mid show sound check.

Steve’s “How to Get to 2nd Base for a $1” is with two dark dramatic movies this week. Jeff teaches us about movies with Improvised scenes in them. And we talk about TV in the 80’s, bikinis, and our latest project.

Don’t worry. Obsession is still here even without Karly. Steve sweats it when it comes down to voting for the winner.

And Jeff Speed Rounds both Steve and Sammy. They find out they have a lot in common except for surf movies.

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