Fantastic Cuisine Pundit Hour #114 “Fantastic Foodies”


Fantastic Cuisine Pundit Hour Episode 114 – Fantastic Foodies

It’s time to eat it up with your hosts Eric (Snackieb47), A.P. (Secret Foodie Fan) & Zach (In-N-Out) as they talk all things delicious on the Four Eyed Radio Network with Fantastic Cuisine Pundit Hour!

In this episode we review our latest good eats and bring you the latest foodie news. We talk about: Congress banning restaurants from skimming tips, the sale of Qdoba to Apollo Global Management, Eric reviews Qdoba’s Fire-roasted shrimp, Zach breaks down the secret of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, A.P. reviews Wayback Burger and MORE!

You’ll swear it’s not the first of April!

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