The Fro Show Compilation #4


It’s time to catch up again with the Fro Show! This time, we present an album of episodes # 13, 14, 15, and 16!

Episode #13 is the Haffo takeover featuring tracks from bands playing the Haffo Reunion show Saturday, May 4th. Haffo – Greens, Haffo – Dizzy, Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special – Real Good Time and Amen Cowboy – How Many Brothers Can You Keep.

Episode #14 features electro-pop tracks from: Stereoshape – If I Could, Hip Nothings – California, Audiophil – Things Will Change and The Easton Ellises – Yakuza Baby.

Episode #15 features pop/rock tracks from: Traveling in Stereo – No Bother, Liam Stewart – Bird of Prey, Single Bullet Theory – Das Madchen and Innocent Bandits – Madman’s Cackle.

Episode #16 features rock/indie tracks from: Great White Buffalo – “Likely Story”, Brothers – “We Are Pushing On”, Flat People – “Oh, Conspiracy” and Floppy Dee – “Swept Clean”.

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