Fro Show Compilation #5


This compilation of the Fro Show showcases episodes 17 through 20.

Episode #17 features indie tracks from: Birds of Tokyo – “Wild Eyed Boy”, Poupee F – “The Gull”, The-Vow – “As the Crow Flies” and The Wind Whistles – “Turtle”. Twitter Question: If you could have any band play a party your hosting, who would it be?

Episode #18 features tracks from: Talk Less, Say More – “The Something Sonata”, VET – “Oblaka”, The Humberts – “Charlene” and Heifervescent – “Asleep at the Wheel”. Question of the Week: What would you consider to be your favorite album release of 2013 so far?

Episode #19 features ska/punk tracks from: Loudog – “Coming Home”, Autonomadic – “Island”, Sweet Danger – “I Need to Know”, Floppy Dee – “Climate Change” and Melodic In Fusion – “The Future is the Past”.

Episode #20 features indie tracks from: The Transisters – “Walking On A Blackhole”, Brad Sucks – “Never Get Out”, Fresh Body Shop – “All You’ve Never Felt” and Nils Hoffmann – “Sweet Man Like Me”. Question of the Week: Who would you consider to be your favorite vocalist?

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