Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast #3


Ziggy and Eric have returned as promised to bring you another in-depth look into the universe of the one and only James Bond, 007!

In this, our third episode, we take a close look at two more films; Thunderball, and Never Say Never Again. One an “official” Eon production and the other a one-off attempt to hijack the franchise, but both based off the same story.

Before starting, we take a few moments to remember a great pioneer in the genre of film criticism  Roger Ebert. We both give your passing two thumbs down.

We then talk about the saga of lawsuits that eventually made it possible for Never Say Never Again to ever be made.

We of course go in-depth on each movie to talk about the story, the acting, the gadgets, the girls, the villains, etc…

So sit back with a shaken martini, secure your nuclear weapons, and enjoy!

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