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Welcome back to the podcast in which we talk about all things James Bond, 007… Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast!

This week, Ziggy & Eric take a little detour, away from the official Bond Universe, and into the world of films and books that were directly inspired by the Bond formula, or directly inspired elements of the Bond Universe!

First, we look at “The Vengence Of Fu Manchu”, with the obvious ties to the Bond world of Christopher Lee, as well as many Bond-y elements, such as a large criminal empire run by a lone megalomaniac.

Then we take on another Lee flick in “The Satanic Rites Of Dracula!” A film that is easy to mistake as a Bond knock off for the first half without even knowing it was supposed to be a Dracula film.

Finally we look at a movie that was supposed to start a Bond-like franchise, but fell horribly flat… “Raise The Titanic.”

We hope you enjoy this brief detour from our regular Bond-centric programming, and we’d love for you to let us know if you did… or didn’t! You can let us know on our website, http://hermajestyspod.com, via the Twitters @HerMajestysPod or on our Facebook page! You can also email ziggy or eric @hermajestyspod.com

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