Her Majesty’s Podcast #25 4


Welcome back to another episode of Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast, in which we discuss all things James Bond, 007!

After a delay due to technical issues, the Bond-age boys are back! This week, we go in-depth to talk about the second, third, and fourth Bond novels by Ian Fleming. We talk about the similarities, the differences, the good, and the bad of Live and Let Die, Moonraker, and Diamonds are Forever.

So sit back, grab a glass of Ol’ Grandad with branch water and enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Her Majesty’s Podcast #25

  • JamesStJohn

    How extraordinary, I just finished reading Diamonds Are Forever in my marathon to re-read all the Bond books in order. I verily believe I’ll enjoy this episode.

    • EricJDewey Post author

      Hope you enjoy the episode! Feel free to let us know if you agree, or disagree with our impressions of the books. – Eric

      • JamesStJohn

        I though your thoughts were spot-on for the most part.

        The racism in Live and Let Die didn’t bother me entirely that much, but I do agree that at first is fairly jarring. I never was able to get over the fact that Felix was able to get off the hook merely because he knew jazz…

        After the mention of Old Grand-dad I did some internet-research, for beings as low-shelf as it was described, it appears to be fairly popular at least in media.