Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast #30 1

It’s time for some FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! In this episode, we go in-depth to talk about some of the James Bond options for kids and young adults.


HerMajestys_New_200We start by talking about that CLASSIC of 90’s animation… JAMES BOND, JR! Ziggy and Eric watch the first 007 episodes of the series and talk about the plots, the villains, the henchmen and more! We also give the listeners a ‘treat’ and play the entire – amazing – theme song!

Then we get a little older, to talk about one of the recent video games from the Bond franchise, Bloodstone! We talk about the story, the game play, the graphics, and of course the theme song to this is also played!

Finally, we have some real fun! Ziggy reads directly from the FIND YOUR FATE book (an ‘off-brand’ Choose Your Own Adventure) based on the story line of the film A View To A Kill, Win, Place, or Die! The twist? Eric makes all the decisions! How quickly can Eric’s choices kill off Bond? Listen to find out!

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