Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast #60 – Moneypenny 1


The guys are back again with an all new episode of Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast!

This week, Ziggy and Eric talk about the money… every penny of it! That’s right, this episode is dedicated to the character we all know and love, Moneypenny!

First we talk about the portrayal of M’s secretary in the Fleming novels, and the Eon films. All the way from the beginning, up to the current version of Eve Moneypenny in the Daniel Craig films.

Then we take a departure from the “official” Bond universe to talk about a trilogy of novels not particularly well known; The Moneypenny Diaries, by Kate Westbrook (aka Samantha Weinberg). We talk about the portrayal of Ian Fleming’s already established, and well known characters, the plots, the writing, and more!

So sit back, toss your hat across the room onto the rack and shamelessly flirt your way through this exciting new episode!

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