Socially Awkward #7


In this, our 7th episode… the Socially Awkward crew welcome their first in-studio guest! Matthew Renfro, host of The Fro Show right here on the Four Eyed Radio/Podcast Network.

We talk to Matt about how he got his show started and what he’d like to accomplish with it.

We also, of course, get into current topics… like the Russian girl with her face covered in a tattoo of her new boyfriends name, the Asteroid making a near miss of Earth and parents bribing their kids to stay off Facebook.

In the Socially Awkward Locker Room, Eric talks about South African Olympian, the “Blade Runner” being charged with murder!

Then we go sit in the corner… Stephen’s Comic Corner! Where he recommends a great book for you all to check out.

We also touch on movie/TV news… like the horrible reviews of A Good Day To Die Hard, the actual physics of surviving a nuclear blast in a refrigerator, and more rumors/denials of Khan being in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Of course we read YOUR answers to this week’s Socially Awkward Question, what is the BEST and WORST comic book movies? Check out our QUESTION page to see and respond to this week’s new question!

So kick back, relax with some music from The Fro Show, and…


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