Straight Outta Austin! #55


It’s that time again, time for another installment of Straight Outta Austin! In this epic journey we tackle the asinine comments of Tony Harris and Tony Harris minions inciting the rage of, PTWoR friend Danni Danger. We also give our take on cosplay and cosplay accessories. Then we switch gears and review the provocative film, Fourplay which stars, another PTWoR friend, “Hollywood” Jose Villarreal!Fourplay is described as “Tales of Sexual Intimacy”. How could you go wrong with that? We give our impressions on the four short stories which comprise Fourplay. And best of all, you’ll learn a new and exciting use for powdered sugar. That’s good eats!

While you’re at it go ahead and head on over to and watch the movie streaming. Unless of course, you’re too chicken.

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