Weeducated #25


This show we talk about positive news, as we cover the upcoming legalization measures in Ohio and Maine. We also celebrate the 19th medical marijuana state, Maryland and discuss some of the fantastic provisions in the law that may change the cannabis movement significantly.

Steve’s corner keeps us in the loop with the industry from the inside and Jeff’s Law tip brings us information on which marijuana extracts are legal and which may not be. He also covers the differences between cannabis and marijuana, in the eyes of the law.

Little known facts continues with our history of cannabis timeline. We learn about the world’s first pharmacopeia and how the Sythians used cannabis. We also have a frank discussion on the controversial bible verses that some argue condone and promote the use of marijuana.

Our product review is brought to you by Sweet Leaf, a local edibles AND topical maker.  This episode is definitely full of information and definitely fun!

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