Blast From the Podcast #25


Hear ye, hear ye, gather round for this joyous triumph. This week on Blast from the Podcast Episode #25, we come at you live from the Woodshed II with a few surprise drop ins from random drunks. We discuss why hip hop is so fucking terrible now a days, The Great Gabino goes toe to toe with Jo-Nasty in Fast Blast Past, and I try to keep from slurring my words while we communicate Beavis and Butthead style, that’s right folks it’s Blast from the Podcast! Also hard core nudity!! Grab right on and yank it tight, let’s do this!


The 80’s produced us, and the 90’s shaped us into the delinquent self-centered millennials we are today!! We love to bitch, we love to reminisce and we love everything 90’s. So relax, turn off your Walkman and tune into our walk down memory lane with your hosts Jon Jon and Jo-nasty!!

Welcome to Jon Jon and Jo-nasty’s Blast from the Podcast.

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