Blast from the Podcast #36


Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!!! Here it is folks, long overdue Episode #36 of Blast from the Podcast!!! This episode is a great reminder of why we are a podcast and not a syndicated XM radio show!! We dive deep into Mortal Kombat’s rear end, spend some fuckery time with current events, G2 tells sex tales and Jonas stutters a lot!! Buckle up and grab it like it’s yours, it’s Blast from the Podcast!!


The 80’s produced us, and the 90’s shaped us into the delinquent self-centered millennials we are today!! We love to bitch, we love to reminisce and we love everything 90’s. So relax, turn off your Walkman and tune into our walk down memory lane with your hosts Jon Jon and Jo-nasty!!

Welcome to Jon Jon and Jo-nasty’s Blast from the Podcast.

Nerd Block

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