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Welcome to the Crichton Cast!

This week, we’re taking a trip through time, space, and spacetime to talk about Crichton’s 1987 novel, and it’s 1998 film adaptation; Sphere!

We discuss the changes made due to the decade between the book and movie, and what wasn’t changed even after all those years.

We tall about the casting of the film, the characters, the acting, and of course, how the ending of the film differs from it’s literary inspiration.

We offer up our own ‘fan theories’ about what the Sphere is, from where it came, and from when? We also come up with ideas for a prequel/sequel.

So grab a slice of strawberry shortcake (no whipped cream, I’m sorry), and step inside the Sphere with us.

If you are reading this you must be a fan of Michael Crichton just as we are. Whether you love the science in his writing, the adventurous places it takes you or just fell in love with dinosaurs on the big screen we will have something for you.

Every two weeks, in a mini-series format Steve and Eric will discuss a book of Michael Crichton’s which was made into a movie. Compare both mediums, discuss the good and bad, our takes on what worked and interesting facts. Listen in and discuss with us!

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