Ranger Command Power Hour #106: “Rangers Review – PRNStl 18-20”


Ranger Command Power Hour Episode 106 – Rangers Review – PRNStl 18-20

It’s time to Ranger Up with @trekkieb47 @secretrangerfan & @ZachLaVoy as they talk all things Power Rangers on the Four Eyed Radio Network with RANGER COMMAND POWER HOUR!

Eric is joined once again by guest co-hosts Doug (@ickybooley) and Derek (@DerekBGayle) to review Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 18 “Abrakadanger”, Episode 19 “Helping Hand” and Episode 20 “Galvanax Rises”. Where did Victor get an advanced robotic arm? Is Principal Hastings secretly Madam Odius? Prepare for extreme revisions!

We also discuss the new comic book event announcement for Power Rangers Shattered Grid and… new Ranger Keys?Then we answer your questions, like which returning actor would we NOT want to see for the 25th anniversary, who we DO want to see in Hyper Force and Shattered grid and the next Power Rangers adaptation of sentai.

Don’t worry, we know where milk comes from.
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