Ranger Command Power Hour #112: “Ranger Nation Spotlight – Sapphire Stephy”


Ranger Command Power Hour Episode 112 – Ranger Nation Spotlight – Sapphire Stephy

It’s time to Ranger Up with @trekkieb47 @secretrangerfan & @ZachLaVoy as they talk all things Power Rangers on the Four Eyed Radio Network with RANGER COMMAND POWER HOUR!

Our Ranger Nation Spotlight series continues as the hosts of RCPH talk with Sapphire Stephy (@sapphirestephy5), Appearance Manager for some very cool Power Rangers actors at Sapphire Management (@sapphire_mgmt www.sapphiremanagement.net)

We talk about Stephanie’s discovery of Power Rangers as a child, what the series means to her, what it’s like setting up appearances for actors, her experiences with clients, conventions, family life and more!

We also discuss the latest Power Ranger news including A.P.’s thoughts from February’s round of news, Ninja Steel complete series coming to Netflix, BOOM! Studios MMPR Anniversary Special announcement, Gamestop delay for Legacy Zeo Pink and Yellow figures and Power Rangers Legacy Wars being nominated for the International Mobile Gaming Award!

We <3 Carter Grayson!

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