Socially Awkward #113 1


Welcome back to the Socially Awkward Studios! It’s Friday, May 15th and this week we’re joined by some very special guests!

Is studio with Eric, Steve-O, & Matt are 3 of the hosts of the newest Four Eyed Radio show, Pitch, Please?!


Pitch, Please?! is a podcast that pins three comedians against each other to see who has the most brilliantly ridiculous business idea. Each week, three comedians go head to head to head and pitch their funny business idea to three judges.

Tonight; the three hilarious comedians, Kevin Elliot, Joe Gangemi, and Terese Cilluffo will allow the SAS crew to try pitching their own drunken ideas, and will be judged on the spot!

Does one of the boys have a million dollar idea? Tune in to find out! Don’t forget to check out Pitch, Please?! airing on the Four Eyed Radio Network. Follow them on Twitter @PitchPleaseCast and on Instagram @PitchPleasePodcast

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