Socially Awkward #25


In this 25th episode of Socially Awkward, the SAS crew welcome another great guest into the studio. We talk to Raven Simone!

No, not THAT Raven, actually, our Raven is much cooler! A local Valley of the Sun artist and Phoenix Comicon 2013 exhibitor, Raven does amazing work with both traditional drawing and digital art. Check out her Instagram page for some awesome samples!

We also ask you, our listeners, what the most expensive or valuable thing you’ve ever broken was. We got some great answers, so tune in to feel better about the stuff that you’ve broken! During this segment, we respond to the call to battle from fellow Arizona valley podcasters, the Three Drunk Geeks (find them on the facey-books at There will be an epic West Side Story/Anchorman battle royale inthe near future, so watch for that!

We also expose our geek indecently in the Full Frontal Nerdity segment, where we talk about some really cool art that will be available at San Diego Comicon!

So sit back, have a vision of the future of the episode, and…


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